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Top 5 Most Loyal And Protective Guard Dog Breeds Every Family Needs ”

If you feel like it is about that time that you also get a dog; a friend and a companion, for yourself, you really are not wrong, it really is high time. The idea sounds great. NO! It is great. But the process of finding the right dog for you could be daunting and overwhelming.

There are many questions that are probably running through your mind, especially if it is your first time getting one. What type of dog is the most suitable for you? What are the things you should consider before getting one? Where in the hell could you even find one? So you want protection dogs? What is the best breed?

It is normal to ask all these questions. And once you get all the answers then everything else is smooth. But before getting into the nitty-gritty of the types and breeds of dogs, here is why so many homes own a dog.

The advantages are endless. Dogs are more or less like humans, in terms of behavior. You just need to train them. And having a guard dog, or your dog trained adds to the already existing advantage. Check them out below; 

This is obviously the first reason you want to get a guard dog for your home. it is the biggest advantage of having one. Compared to security cameras, a human guard at your gate and other possible safety measures, a guard dog beats most of them by far.

You can rest easy during your ventures outside your home knowing that your property is safe. Also, by sticking by your side, a trained dog can protect you by identifying and detecting any threats and dangers to you and your family. They can also protect themselves better than untrained dogs.

  • You get a Loyal Friend and Companion

It is not in vain that most people prefer to live with a dog than family and friends. The kind of loyalty dogs give can’t be matched. And it is even stronger with guard dogs because they are trained to only be loyal to their owners.  Of course, a guard dog is not only to protect you but also acts as your friend and keeps you company. You can go out together, for a walk in the park or hiking, or, chill in the house and relax. 

There are many different breeds of protection dogs you can get. It all depends on what you like and what your preferences are. And if you are stuck on which one to choose; check some of them out below;

This is one of the best guard dog breeds you can get. It is also one of the most popular dogs you will find in most homes. They are loyal and smart and are easy to train. They also have a solid and strong sense of their territory.

One of the unique things about these dogs that make them one of the best guard dogs is their speed. They are best for home territories and large lands such as farms and or cottages with lots of spaces.

These are well known for their great strength, boldness and courage, protection instinct, and great family loyalty. All these qualities and more make Bullmastiff dogs one of the best guard dogs you can get. It also makes a great home pet.

These were originally kept to protect cattle. They are intelligent and extremely loyal. They are also quick learners making it easy to be trained. 

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Top 5 Most Loyal And Protective Guard Dog Breeds Every Family Needs

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