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Tricked out, modified, and hacked baby gear New 2020

Repurposed crib becomes a desk

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Some of the items we acquire as new parents are truly useful, while some are disappointments. Some have a long shelf-life. (Ask me how long my kids slept with the white noise machine running at night. Eight years.) While some are for only a three-month phase before they’re outgrown.

Here are a few inspiring images of projects by parents that have taken innovation into their own hands.

This was a Pack n Play until the owner cut the mesh sides out, stretched a fitted crib sheet over the mobile on top, and called it a toddler bed. (Source unknown – it appears that the original site is no longer up.)

Hacked pack n play to toddler bed

Another flipping awesome use for a retired playyard is a DIY ball pit. Trust us.

This Cozy Coupe has been converted into a Batmobile. Unbelievably awesome, don’t you think? (Details and “before” picture are at SweetCSDesigns.)

Hacked Batmobile cozy coupe

This crib served it’s purpose and was reborn as a desk, as documented by the parent who blogs at A Little Learning For Two.

Repurposed crib becomes a desk

These IKEA hackers took a very plain changing table and modified it to hide the baby gear that would be stored underneath and made a black pad for the top of the table. So clever. See their post for details on the whole suite of IKEA stuff they refashioned.

BEFORE hacking this changing table


AFTER hacking IKEA changing table


When you no longer need a stroller, you can use it to wheel around unwieldy Halloween costume props. (via DamnCoolPictures)

Hacking a stroller into a Halloween costume


Hacking baby gear into something much cooler: cozy coupe + fake fur

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