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Tutorials: Nursing pillows New 2020

Tutorials: Nursing pillows

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Most breastfeeders agree that a nursing pillow is a must-have in the first months of motherhood. Whether your loyalties lie with My Breast Friend or the Boppy, you may find that you need to wash the slip cover eventually. Having an extra Boppy cover is not a bad idea. Crafty mamas — or crafty grandmas — might enjoy making their own.

Here are some helpful tutorials for making your own Boppy and/or cover.

Make Baby Stuff shows how to make a basic U-shaped pillow.

Hannah is a Palindrome used the pattern from Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing for Baby book

This pattern was also used by Dee Wilcox to make the pillow she shared on her blog.

And Huckleberry Prairie made one that looks like a donut. (Not removable, but cute idea.)

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