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Understanding Your Baby’s Personality New 2020

Understanding Your Baby's Personality

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Understanding Your Baby’s Personality

From the beginning, your newborn will show a number of personality traits innate to his or her gender. According to Desmond Morris, author of Amazing Baby, this goes back to ancient times when our ancestors were hunters and gatherers.

Baby Girls: Since ancient times, females were left to multitask at home; they developed more cautious, patient, and caring personalities. They were the centers of their tribes, so they developed stronger verbal skills and resilience to illness. These traits can be seen in toddlers: Girls are able to communicate at a younger age than boys.

Baby Boys: Ancient males developed a less emotional disposition. They are prone to cry less and take more risks than baby girls. They are often better at spatial awareness than baby girls because their ancestors honed tracking skills necessary for hunting.

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Understanding Your Baby’s Personality

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