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Understanding Your Baby’s Quirks New 2020

Understanding Your Baby's Quirks

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Understanding Your Baby’s Quirks

All healthy newborns are born with an evolutionarily programmed, involuntary impulse called the Moro reflex. So if your baby is startled by the sound of a pot clanking or a siren, for instance, he’ll fling his arms wide, spread his fingers, then grab instinctively⁠—for Mom, of course. Then he’ll bring his arms back to his body and relax. “Newborns haven’t learned to differentiate between common and uncommon noises,” says Richard Polin, MD, director of the division of neonatology at Columbia University Medical Center, in New York City. As your little one matures, his brain learns to distinguish sounds and movements and suppresses this primitive reflex.

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Understanding Your Baby’s Quirks

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