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Unique Ways to Give Back to Your Community During the COVID Holidays – goodmenproject ”

We pretty much have to be “unique” in everything we do these days, as the “new normal” has affected every seasonal activity since coronavirus orders were first put into place back in the spring. Schools saw classes go online, many workplaces were forced to give remote work a try, and summer activities like going to the beach (or going out to eat, even) needed to be done in a manner that kept people distanced, and kept PPE on whenever possible. 

As the holidays near, society is in for another lesson in adaptation, and everything from cooking to shopping to delivering presents will have to evolve to ensure the safety of the loved ones you plan on spending time with (even that time spent needs to be evaluated… don’t forget about Zoom). In addition to spoiling loved ones, this is also the time of the year when many people decide to give back to their communities, as the season of giving is very important to a lot of people. 

Some families would be less-than-happy to see carolers on their doorstep this Christmas, and other ways of in-person giving must too take a back seat to more unique and pandemic-savvy ways of giving back. Here are a few ideas to help you give back to your community while keeping your own safety and the safety of others your top priority. 


Though not something that most creative gift-givers like to “bank” on, truth be told that the pandemic has hit impoverished communities harder than others, making them even more in need of financial support this year than years prior. Look up what parts of your community were affected the worst, and if they don’t have a direct fund already set up to help, start one!


Though often more related to Halloween than the winter holidays, donating blood is more important than ever. If you know you qualify as a donator, this gift could truly be a life saver for someone in your community affected by the pandemic. Blood donation centers must adhere to extremely strict codes regarding sanitization, so you can donate confidently and safely. 

Letters to Seniors

In addition to lower income communities, elderly communities have been disproportionally affected by the pandemic as well. If you know of elderly community members who may not have a lot of family in the area, writing a quick greeting card wishing them a healthy and happy holiday just might bring them more joy than they have had the rest of the year! 

Other Stuff for Seniors

By now, most seniors have probably established a way of safely getting their groceries and household items, but it’s worth an ask. If you get a “yes” response, remember that leaves are falling and snow is about to drop in a lot of the country. Helping out with yardwork and accessibility to resources is a great way to give back. 

Toy Drives

Though this one is a great idea every year, it can also be a great substitute for the givers who tend to be more hands-on. Simply buy a gift, make sure it’s securely wrapped, and drop it off! Unless you’re in a very, very small area, the odds are great that your community has some sort of toy drive set up. It’s also a great resource to see if there are other way to help kids in your community, as these organizations often know the status of homeless children in your area, as well as ways to help them. And if your area doesn’t have a toy drive, start one, or just pick a few houses you know kids live at and sanitize your presents and drop them off. 

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Unique Ways to Give Back to Your Community During the COVID Holidays – goodmenproject

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