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Virtual Event Tips For Businesses

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Virtual Event Tips For Businesses ”

During the pandemic, a lot of events, from birthday parties to graduations, have had to be canceled and moved online. In the process of going, many businesses have found that moving online can actually have some benefits. Capacity can be greater, as you can invite more people, with no worries about space or accessibility. But how do you make your event a success online? 

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Make It Relevant

Any virtual or hybrid event production that you do needs to be done with the circumstances that we find ourselves in now kept in mind. For example, there’s no real point in hosting events packed with advice that brands can’t use at the moment. Instead of offering courses about in-person networking, it would be better to adapt your event to something more helpful that will help brands now, such as tips for effective Zoom meetings.

People are also starting to feel sick of webinars and Zoom calls, so when you plan your events, make sure you’re offering something applicable right now. If not, you’re just adding to the noise. 

This doesn’t mean that every virtual event should be about the pandemic, but they should take it into account. For example, an online music festival doesn’t say anything about the pandemic, but it does meet the need for entertainment while things are closed. 

Get The Timing Right

How long should your event last? This will depend on your audience, but in most cases, an hour is a good time to aim for. Any longer, and people start to get distracted. If you host a few events, you will soon get an idea of how long your audience’s attention span is. 

Individual sessions should be kept short. Over an hour can get dull, as looking at a computer screen isn’t the same as listening to somebody speak in person. You’re also working against distractions at home, like pets or children. 

Start your event at the right time. For example, anyone with small children won’t come to an online event that is too close to mealtimes or bedtime. 

Differentiate Your Event

You want your event to be up to date, but don’t copy what other people are doing. Instead of following others, consider how you can stand out from the crowd. To do this, lean into the insights you gain from understanding your audience, look at the best solutions to problems, and be creative. This ensures you’re leading from the front. 

You can’t just set up a virtual or hybrid event and assume that you will be able to stand out amongst all the other competing events. There are a lot of events out there vying for your audiences’ attention. Think about what is unique about you and your offer, and make sure you get across who are you. Find a way to build connections with the audience watching your event. 

Virtual events, if you plan them well, can be just as successful as in-person events, and help you to still engage with your audience and promote your brand. 

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Virtual Event Tips For Businesses

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