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Weekly photo hack: Photoshop your memories New 2020

2 week old newborn

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We have previously written about our love and admiration for those who remember to take monthly pictures of their babies and add some style to the pictures. Heather used the same chair every month, as did Jen who kept it up for at least 33 months.

monthly chair photo

Scrapbooker Hey Jen Renee took it to the next level with baby holding a cute sign, and I made a downloadable version for you to print.

photo credit: heyjenrenee

Now, I see that the couple who blogs at Young House Love has raised the bar. They are taking a weekly photo of their daughter in a white onesie on different backgrounds, and then photoshopping her age onto her shirt, making it look like she had an awesome collection of custom onesies that were only good for seven days. I love these photos.

1 week old newborn

Clara one week old | Photo:

2 week old newborn

Clara two weeks old | Photo:

3 week old newborn

Clara three weeks old | Photo:

(photos from:

Are they geniuses or what?

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