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What Are the Benefits of Eating Pizza for Children

What Are the Benefits of Eating Pizza for Children

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Pizza for Children ”

Pizza pizza pizza! Do you love pizza?

You may be worried about feeding your kids just a little too much pizza. But, fear not — pizza can be more beneficial than you think!

Let’s go through how eating pizza can benefit your kids.

They’ll Eat It No Matter What

Honestly, kids are picky, and it can be hard to find something they’ll eat. But, they’ll always eat pizza. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best gluten-free pizza or pizza that’s heaping with vegetables, they hear the word pizza and they dive in.

So, if you’re sick of constantly fighting with your children to get them to eat dinner, try giving them a pizza for their next meal!

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Pizza Is Full of Antioxidants

This may surprise you, but pizza can actually be good for you. Many of the ingredients that make up pizza are chockful of antioxidants, to help keep you healthy.

Tomato sauce contains the important antioxidant lycopene. If you’re eating Chicago-style pizza, you may be even luckier — since this type of pizza is baked for longer, the higher temperatures and longer timeline may help the antioxidant levels rise.

Pizza Contains Other Nutrients

Depending on what’s on your pizza, it could be a great source of vitamins and minerals. Pizza with cheese on it contains plenty of calcium and protein, for example.

Tomato sauce contains folate, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Tomato sauce can improve parts of your nutrition like your digestive health which is particularly important for children.

If you add other fresh vegetables as toppings, you’ll be able to add even more nutrition to your children’s diets. Really, depending on what you choose to add to your pizza, you may be able to hit every one of the major food groups in just one meal.

And, if you choose a whole wheat base for your pizza, you’ll be cutting down on carbs while ramping up the fiber content.

Just make sure that the pizza you’re choosing contains healthy, natural ingredients. While there’s nothing wrong with a splurge once in a while, eating the amount of grease contained in most takeout pizza is not ideal. Look into the offerings in your area, and find out what works for you.

Pizza Is Easy to Eat

If you’re in a rush, pizza is always easy and convenient. You don’t need utensils or plates to eat pizza, after all. You don’t even have to do the dishes after if you have enough napkins!

So, if you’ve had a long day, you should definitely stick to pizza to feed your children. Just call your local pizza place, and get ready to dig in.

Eating Pizza — Yum!

Eating pizza isn’t just delicious — it’s also beneficial! So what are you waiting for? Order a pizza for dinner ASAP.

If you need more advice on food and other topics, we’re here to help. Check out some of the other articles on this website.

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What Are the Benefits of Eating Pizza for Children

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