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What Are The Common Causes of Stomach Pain In Babies?

What Are The Common Causes of Stomach Pain In Babies?

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When it comes to a baby’s health a parent is always extra cautious. The most common problem faced is stomach pain. It could be happening due to various reasons. Infants, fragile as they are, require attentive and cautious handling. An infant is just beginning to build immunity and is prone to falling ill. A common issue among infants is stomach ache, and most parents find themselves dealing with one at some point or another. 

Read on to find out what the most common causes of stomach pain in babies are, and how you can help your baby.

Causes Of Stomach Pain In Babies

Here are some of the most common causes of stomach pain in infants:

  1. The digestive system becomes incapable to digest food, leading to discomfort and food allergy. Constipation and intake of unsafe substances are also considered to be contributors
  2. The muscles beneath the stomach are enlarged, leading to frequent stomach ache. This intestinal blockage is known as pyloric stenosis; it also results in vomit
  3. Inflammation around the groin and damage of abdomen leads to distortion in the intestine, resulting in hernia in children. Hernia can have unfavorable impact on the tissues
  4. Gas is the most common contributor of what causes stomach ache in babies. Formation of gas makes them experience uneasiness and cranky behavior
  5. Infants do not have the potential to tolerate hunger. Apart from this, it is vouched that excess of anything is bad, so is the food. Overfeeding can lead to unsuitable circumstances, this is observed especially in babies who bottle-feed
  6. Severe inflammation of appendix causes appendicitis. The inflamed appendix needs to be removed surgically, this is how to get rid of appendicitis in child. The fact of the matter is that detain in treatment can lead to unwelcome affair. 

How Is Stomach Ache Treated In Infants?

Here are the home remedies you can try before anything serious happens to be at home quickly. After consult your child specialists. Read below.

  1. Keep an eye on the symptoms your baby is going through. Immediately consult the pediatrician when you witness vomiting, diarrhea, avoids food, sleep deprived or high fever. Check this: Diarrhea Causes, Symptoms & Prevention Tips
  2. Gently moving your fingers across the belly of the baby in clockwise motion. Rubbing this portion will relieve them from gas pain. It is one of the most powerful tips to cure stomach ache in babies
  3. Using a moderately hot water bottle over the tummy to soothe the pain is beneficial. Putting the infant in warm water is advisable, be cautious, the water shouldn’t be too hot. 
  4. Wrapping the baby in soft blanket, and moving him/her back and forth through arms, facilitates relaxation
  5. Feeding yogurt to your child can be effective. It has the potential to act as a substitute for the lost good bacteria in their body. Avoid feeding them too spicy food, they are difficult to digest; instead feeding them fruits and honey can turn out to be beneficial. Lemon Juice and mint provide potent relief from stomach pain. Ginger in warm water can be efficacious, avoid serving it to children below the age of 2 years
  6. Another method is to hold the left foot by right hand and apply pressure through thumb on it. These stomach pain home remedies for babies are fruitful in terms of calming and relaxing them. Also Know: Pinworm Infection causes, remedies in Infant

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