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What Can I Use as a Smoking Alternative?

What Can I Use as a Smoking Alternative?

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What Can I Use as a Smoking Alternative? ”

Chances are, if you are reading this, you don’t need anyone to tell you the benefits of quitting smoking. Smoking is arguably the single biggest cause of death and disease on the planet. However, this hasn’t stopped the number of smokers rising to an all-time global high.

If you want to quit smoking for good and save your life, you might benefit from a smoking alternative that can help you transition towards a nicotine-free lifestyle. For those suffering from chronic cravings, there is a range of safe and less addictive alternatives to help you overcome. Read on to find out more. 

1. Vaping as a Smoking Alternative

If you want to quit smoking and need to satisfy your nicotine addiction, vaping is probably the most popular option for you. Tens of millions of Americans vape every day, safe in the knowledge that vaping does not have the same carcinogens and toxic chemicals as cigarettes.

What’s more, vaping can be a fun alternative thanks to the huge range of fun flavors that you can try out. Make sure to see the list to find out the popular vape flavors you can try out today. 

2. Nicotine Inhalers

For an over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy that has medically proven results, a nicotine inhaler is a great option. Available at any pharmacy, a nicotine inhaler allows you to mimic the act of smoking without breathing in any chemicals at all.

Instead, you use a small plastic inhaler to get a dose of pure nicotine. This can be a helpful transition tool for when you are feeling the uncomfortable pangs of nicotine addiction. 

3. Herbal Cigarettes

Although these are not as safe as some other options, herbal cigarettes can still be a good start for those who are really struggling to quit. They look, feel, and even smell like regular tobacco cigarettes.

However, they contain no tobacco and no nicotine, allowing for a safer smoking alternative. Note that, although there is never any tobacco in herbal cigarettes, breathing in the smoke from them is still harmful to your health and should be limited whenever possible. 

4. Nicotine Patches

Perhaps one of the more popular options, a nicotine patch can help you numb the cigarette cravings without you even realizing it. Simply stick a patch on your arm once every few hours and you are good to go.

Patches have been proven to be effective at helping people quit. However, some ex-smokers note that, since there is no “action” involved, it might not be helpful with the more psychological aspect of addiction. 

5. Nicotine Gum 

Finally, you can always opt for nicotine gum to beat your cravings. Nicotine gum is cheap and it gives you something to put in your mouth during those moments when you are wishing you could light up. The more you smoke per day, the stronger your brand of nicotine gum should be. 

More Tips for Healthier Living

Choosing a reliable smoking alternative will help you make sustainable health choices that will benefit you for a lifetime. For more straightforward health tips, you have come to the right place. Make sure to consult my blog for non-judgemental guides on better living.

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What Can I Use as a Smoking Alternative?

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