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What Material Is Used For DIY Road Cases?

What Material Is Used For DIY Road Cases?

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What Material Is Used For DIY Road Cases? ”

If you think you can just make a quick detour to the hardware store around the corner and find all the materials you need to build a real DIY road case, you won’t get far. First of all, we can visit any hardware store and buy the things we need, but even if the ones we find make look real professional road cases, note that you can only build a tarted-up box with parts that you can buy in your normal hardware store.

As you can see, we use hardwood, but if you look closely you will also see that we used staples to put the box together. If you need more information on how to put six wooden panels together, it is a good idea to try a less complicated project first. 

This means that you first build a closed wooden box, which you can see between the two, preferably with a fretsaw, and at the end, you have two parts that fit perfectly together. Mark the bottom of the lid with an arrow and the inside with the arrow on the outside, then on top and outside. 

You also want to put a layer of 1 / 5 mm (0.1 cm) hard plastic over the inside to protect it. The most important thing to learn when building the case is to first make a box or cube with 6 sides glued together and then cut out the lighting. This works for any wooden suitcase, but not for a street suitcase because it will cause a lot of damage.

Aluminum wafer panels make up a fairly large suitcase, slightly larger than a wooden case, but not as big as a street suitcase. I will make an aluminum version for everyday use but keep the suitcase in a plastic box so it can handle any baggage handling penalty. The housing is also coated with ABS, making it super-strong and also very durable. 

You can use this for anything you want to protect in transit, and you can build it for your product line, but it can also be used in a variety of other applications.

In addition, a large street case can replace several fiber-shaped cases or bags, and two or three street cases will accommodate a molded case or bag. Street cases made for your items do not need as much space as a molded case, but they are still very useful for a variety of purposes. 

The corners are reinforced with thick steel end caps, and the latches and hinges are made of a variety of thick, heavy metals.

Road cases are expensive and heavy as well and are best suited for professional tour musicians who have a road crew, but it is worth noting that you can also consider a road case for a variety of other types of guitar cases as well as for other purposes.

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What Material Is Used For DIY Road Cases?

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