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What Moms Need to Know about Knee Braces and Sleeves

What Moms Need to Know about Knee Braces and Sleeves

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What Moms Need to Know about Knee Braces and Sleeves ”

Raising kids to be healthy and happy is a full-time job. We want to be sure that they grow up to be successful in all areas of their life. So that means a balance of getting good grades in school, to ensure future academic success. Plus, they need to lead balanced lives. That is where extracurricular activities come in such as sports, music, and other practical skills, that they can learn in camping, art, and so on. 

In this article we’re going to talk about knees. There are two areas you should take into account as your child grows up. 

  • Growing pains
  • Preventing injuries during sport, such as basketball, tennis etc.
  • Taking care of knees in the event one of the above occurs.

Growing Pains                                             

Many of us experienced growing pains when we were growing up, and your fast-growing adolescent may come to you with complaints like this, especially in their knees. There is a particular condition called Osgood-Schlatter Disease. It is pain that occurs where the patellar tendon meets the shinbone. Besides fast growth, athletics can put extra stress on the knee. And that’s when pain starts.

Sports and Knee Pain

All kinds of sports can put stress and strain on the knee, such as fast twists and turns that could result in strains and sprains. This occurs in sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, as well as in athletics that can put stress on the knee, such as yoga or weightlifting

Simple Things You Can Do to Take Care of Your Child’s Knees

First, the basics: If your child has pain described above, it may be ‘growing pains’ or Osgood-Schlatter. The first simple steps are to rest, to ice, and to compress the knee. A simple pillow, and ice pack can help relieve pain. To compress the knee, try a knee compression sleeve. If you go the route of getting a knee sleeve, be sure to check the size of the leg. Measure a few inches above the knee cap, and order the right size sleeve.

One feature that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of magnets. While modern science gives magnets mixed reviews, with some studies showing they help and some saying they don’t, it’s interesting that both traditional Chinese medicine as well as ancient Greek medicine both believed that magnet, can help with healing. One knee compression that uses magnets is this one.

Taking Care of Young Knees During Sports

How many people in later years complain about knee problems that started due to sports injuries during their teen years? Lots and lots! Years ago, in the event of a sprain or strain, people might have put an elastic bandage on, which helped. But we we’ve come a long way since then and realize that taking care to heal adolescent injuries, and especially preventing them in the first place, is the best approach.

Knee Compression Sleeves May Prevent and Heal Minor Injuries

If your teen is engaged in sports, especially ones that could result in injury, such as soccer, basketball, or tennis, fitting your son or daughter with a knee sleeve could save a lot of trouble later on. 

Growing up is a complex process.  We want to give our kids every possible advantage. Knees in particular are vulnerable to injury and pain. So, if you have questions about taking better care of your child’s knees (or your own!) hop on over to the For-Knees website for many articles on how to take better care of yours or your child’s knees.

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What Moms Need to Know about Knee Braces and Sleeves

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