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What Not To Wear: Baby Edition New 2020

11 baby clothing styles moms hate.

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Poor Winnie the Pooh. Such a nice guy, but moms are not into him these days.

We asked our Facebook page about what types of clothing they refuse to put on their children. While this is a very subjective topic, and I don’t imagine we all share the same opinions on these styles, here are the things some moms named as styles they don’t want their babies to wear.

1. Camoflague. It’s too early in life to draft our little ones into battle, I gather. Though it’s been a recent trend, many of you don’t want your kids sporting camo.



2. Bikinis. No “likes” on Facebook for the teeny weeny swimsuits.

10 things moms don't want their children wearing



3. References to Mommy and Daddy. Mommy’s Little Sailor above a picture of a boat? Wild About Daddy with a cheetah print? You guys say, “No thank you.” Especially not this exceptionally graphic tribute to Daddy’s relationship to the baby. Umm.


4. Pastel animals. Also, neon animals. Also, neon cars. Ok, this one is pretty subjective. I think what we’re getting at here is general cheesiness. Or maybe just ugliness? I feel bad selecting a product to illustrate.

5. Turtlenecks. We don’t need to say more. But we will. San Francisco mom Val says, “Because a baby shouldn’t look like Steve Jobs in a tiny black mock turtleneck onesie.”

Styles for babies that moms hate

6. Announcements that this baby just might be a jerk.  I Heart Boobies, Little Monster, Call Me Princess, Lady Killer, and other faux arrogant claims are rejected.

11 baby clothing styles moms hate.

7. Writing on the butt. What’s worse than a onesie that brags “Little Diva”? One that says it on the tush.


8. Skulls. Many moms find them creepy. Enough disagree that Honest Co makes diapers with skulls, and I bought them for my nephew because I knew his mom would dig ’em. Oh well. Find these at Target. Or don’t if you hate skulls.

11 styles for babies that moms are wary of


9. NFL, NASCAR, NBA licensed gear. Some parents are uncomfortable with their child acting as a billboard for multi-million dollar businesses. That includes Disney. Fair enough.

11 styles for babies that no mom is excited about

Bonus discussion topic: Overalls. Wait, overalls are cute, aren’t they? Or you guys hate overalls? I can’t tell.

No matter how much you agree or disagree with the picks above, I can guarantee that by the time our kids are grown, we’ll think it was all adorable — even NASCAR turtlenecks with neon animal-themed overalls.

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