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What to Do If Your Ex Refuses to Make Child Support Payments

What to Do If Your Ex Refuses to Make Child Support Payments

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What to Do If Your Ex Refuses to Make Child Support Payments ”

Breaking up a relationship is never easy; however, you might know that it is overall the best decision for you and your family. If you share children with your ex, then they may be required to make child support payments to you to ensure that you can continue to financially provide for your children together. But if you’re in a situation where your bills are due, your children are growing out of their shoes and your child support check is well overdue, you are sadly in a situation that is all too common. Here’s what to do if your ex has failed to pay child support. 

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Speak to Them

In many cases, a conversation with your ex might be all that it takes to sort out the situation. If this is an unusual occurrence and you’re used to getting their check on a regular basis, it might be a small error or mistake that they can easily put right. However, it’s not always that easy. In some cases, your ex might be refusing to engage with you or it might be dangerous for you to contact them. If this is the case, it’s best to get legal advice and support. 

Create a Backup Plan

The sad truth is that if your ex has started refusing to pay child support, it could be some time before you receive any payments from them again. If your ex has recently lost their job, for example, or has suffered a loss of earnings recently, then it might be even longer before you see your next child support check, since this could be determined by their earnings. This will depend on the state you live in and will take other factors into consideration. How does child support work in MN? In this state, various factors are considered, including the number of children and the percentage of time that the parent spends with the kids. Whatever your situation, putting a backup plan in place as quickly as possible will help you avoid financial difficulty while you wait. 

Get Legal Advice

In many cases, legal advice is probably the best option if your ex has started refusing to pay child support for any good reason, or is withholding the child support in order to blackmail you into doing something that they want. You might not want to be back in court with your ex any time soon, but the fact is that without legal assistance, you might find it difficult to get the child support payments that you and your kids are owed. Speak to a lawyer who can take you through the options that are available to you. Family mediation, for example, might be an ideal alternative if you want to avoid going back to court and would rather come up with a way to settle the dispute and come to an agreement with your ex amicably. 

Breaking up a relationship can be stressful and there’s even more to think about when you have children together. If you’re the parent who has the main custody of the children, child support is designed to help you pay to raise them. If you’re not getting what you are owed, it’s important to act quickly. 

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What to Do If Your Ex Refuses to Make Child Support Payments

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