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What’s the Difference Between a Day Spa and a Med Spa?

What’s the Difference Between a Day Spa and a Med Spa?

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What’s the Difference Between a Day Spa and a Med Spa? ”

Today, modern spas represent a prime example of a place where people can receive pleasurable treatments while relaxing themselves. The millennium marked the beginning of medical spas that are prevalent in the United States. These medical spas hugely differ from the traditional version of spas also known as day spas.

The Difference of Day Spas and Med Spas

Anyone hearing about spas may not know about the two types of spas which is the day spa and medical spa. Both kinds of spas may seem similar in nature, but it is crucial to understand that there are significant differences between them. Each of them have served several distinctive purposes and functions that answers to the needs of their clients. Knowing about these traits may help you determine which type of spa is suitable for your preferences.

Medical Spas

The medical spa is a combination of a conventional spa establishment combined with a medical clinic. Licensed medical doctors, plastic surgeons, or dermatologists like Sunanda Chugh runs a medical spa in NYC that ensures that medical treatments are delivered with utmost care. Medical spas contain some of the most advanced medical equipment capable of performing the best and most delicate treatments designed for human aesthetics.

Medical spas employ finely trained medical professionals that offer the best cosmetic techniques that may aid with any of your personal objectives. These treatments include laser hair removal, IPL photofacials, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair restoration, and various cosmetic procedures that assists with overall physical health. Medical spas have the advantage and edge of employing medical personnel that ensures that science and technology is properly implemented with physiological traits. Here are two example treatments that only medical spas can offer.


Botox is a cosmetic procedure that targets areas of the skin which is already aging. Its formula is derived from a type of bacteria that causes the sickness as botulism and has been re-engineered by scientists and researchers to result in younger skin complexion. Each vial composition of botox is injected upon the muscles of a patient that temporarily paralyzes its movement eliminating wrinkles and stretch marks.


Microdermabrasion is an aesthetic treatment comparable to known methods such as ‘power polish’ or ‘power peel’ and is only performed by certified Advanced Medical Aestheticians. The process involved in microdermabrasion techniques removes the outermost surface of the skin composed of dead skin cells and aims to restore a vibrant skin complexion. Collagen is stimulated during the microdermabrasion sessions that regenerates new skin cells and lasts to approximately forty-five to sixty minutes.

Day Spa

The typical day spa is based upon the traditional purposes of ancient spas. These types of spa establishments offer the best methods where people can relax, feel calm, and be attended by professionals to result in their enhanced well-being. Conventional spa treatments help their patients feel well pampered, invigorated, and cared for while performing various spa techniques. All their services and capabilities are done inside a warm, peaceful, ambient, and calming environment that promotes serenity.

Basic Body Massages

Two of the most famous massages performed within day spas are Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. The Swedish massage focuses on covering the whole body with firm pressurized strokes that relaxes and repairs damaged muscle ligaments. Deep tissue massage utilizes deeper induced massage strokes aimed to soothe inner layers of the skin alongside the major muscle groups.

Specialized Massages

Conventional Day spas also offer special massages that employ a variety of massage techniques learned from different cultures worldwide. These types of massage are only performed by licensed specialists that have received adequate training for their proper application on the human body. Some specialty examples include Reflexology sessions and Thai massage.


Facials count among the most popular treatments offered by day spas. For a typical patient, they can choose amongst a plethora of facials such as anti-aging, European facial, skin peeling, and deep-cleansing facial treatments. Every type of facial treatment makes use of diverse chemicals and skin care products that helps their differentiation from each other. Facial treatments all follow the basic set of sequence which is:

  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Extract
  • Massage
  • Mask


Any ordinary person hearing about a spa may generalize them as a singular establishment performing aesthetic and relaxing procedures. There are two types of spas: Medical spa and Day Spa. The medical spa is a conventional spa combined with a medical clinic, while a day spa is the traditional version that helps people relax and recuperate.

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What’s the Difference Between a Day Spa and a Med Spa?

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