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Where does your baby sleep on a trip? New 2020

Newborn yawning or crying

Newborn yawning or crying

Photo by Tim Bish

I recently brainstormed about where a baby can sleep on a vacation, like where and how we actually plunk them down when all the comforts of home are missing. We are just now graduating to sleeping in real beds when my kids are away from home.

Believe me, anyone who weighs less than 15 lbs does not require a real bed. (Or not sleep, as the case may be.) I also like to give a little dose of infant massage right before bed in a strange place to really knock the baby out.

This post generated some fun ideas on our facebook page too: changing pad, bouncy seat, laundry basket, boppy…

Baby sleeping in boppy; photo by chimothy27

So, I’m curious, where does your baby sleep on a trip? Please also say how old because I know you’re not putting any three year-olds in a laundry basket!

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