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Where to buy — or how to make — a Minions costume New 2020

DIY Minion Costume

A toddler-sized Minion costume is on the market, of course (here). No one wants to miss that marketing opportunity. But for those of you who want to earn your DIY merit badge, may we suggest assembling the components yourself?

DIY Minion Costume

Blue overalls and a yellow t-shirt are the basis for a Minions costume. Add a pair of costume glasses, or make some from pipe cleaners and aluminum foil, and you’re done!

But wait! A yellow fleece beanie makes this costume totally complete, and warm enough for whatever late October brings.

Plus, if your kiddo will not likely keep the glasses on his or her face, consider making the glasses part of the hat.


The blogger at Another Big Bite did such a great job on both the hat and tutorial (use mason jar lids for the glasses!) that the crafty among us needs to read it.

The non-crafty can “add to cart” with this helpful store-bought beanie.

Minions Hat

Or just buy the whole dang costume.

Kid version (sizes 4-12)


Toddler version (sizes 2-4)

Minion costume for toddler



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