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Which Pet to Keep: A Cat or a Dog

Which Pet to Keep: A Cat or a Dog

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Which Pet to Keep: A Cat or a Dog ”

Cats and dogs are about the best human companions one can have if you’re looking for affection, attention, unconditional love, and loyalty. However, cats get bored quickly and will want an escape outside from time to time. The two species have significant differences. More often than not, most people prefer to keep one or the other, with people claiming to be either a cat lover or a dog lover.

Being a pet owner has considerable health benefits for you. You are less predisposed to suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety. Interestingly, pet owners have also been known to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels and increased chances of heart attack survival. This ultimately means that owning a pet not only gives you access to warm furry cuddles but increased wellbeing as well. There are some critical differences between cats and dogs that may help determine which one to keep. This post will help you make a profound decision on which one to keep.

Keeping A Cat and A Dog Together

Having a pet has a host of mental wellbeing benefits, but cats and dogs have different characteristics and needs. This means the decision of which one to keep is better defined by your lifestyle and space limitations. However, the best part is, you can keep them both and teach them how to co-exist peacefully with each other, giving you the best of both worlds. Check out Diamond Pet blog post to how to introduce a kitten to a dog for tips on a stress-free way to achieve this.

Dogs Are Pack Animals

Dogs adapt quickly, and, like children, they crave attention and enjoy closeness. They have an in-built pack mentality, making them sociable and friendly and all too willing to get leadership from their caregiver. This pack mentality makes it difficult for a dog to be left alone for long periods.

Suppose you’re an energetic outdoor lover who tends to be active. In that case, a dog will love the stimulation of regular walks and fresh air. Also, having a garden or easy access to a park is best suited for a dog owner. They need training and grooming, and this requires time. If you are frequently absent from home, you may want to rethink owning a dog.

Cats Are Lone Hunters

Cats are generally territorial animals. With sharp, retractable claws, it’s easy for them to defend themselves and catch prey. Their ability to climb and jump high distances makes them easy hunters. These capabilities make them lone hunters, and they survive well in solitude.

Cats are pretty simple and do not need walks or much grooming unless you have a long-haired cat. They are generally clean animals and care for themselves efficiently, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Suppose you work away from home for long hours, provided you have availed a scratching post, litter box and appropriate diet. In that case, your feline companion will be relatively happy and content in the quietness. Access to a garden is a plus for this animal.

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Which Pet to Keep: A Cat or a Dog

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