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Who is Eligible for CISA Certification?

Who is Eligible for CISA Certification?

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Who is Eligible for CISA Certification? ”

The practice of protecting network systems and any other digital infrastructure from malicious attacks is cybersecurity. The cyberattacks try accessing and damaging a company’s sensitive information or historic files. Cyber-attacks occur every 14 seconds, so antivirus software, firewalls, password management tools, and anti-spyware software all should work in harmony to outplay creative cybercriminals. Company owners, clients, and employees get cyber threats every day. If this threat is to the confidential data, it can shut down your business operations completely.

We live in an age where information technology is bridging a gap between nations. Whether it is an organization or an individual, everyone is storing their data on the cloud which shows the growth of digital footprint on a vast scale. Cybersecurity professionals protect IT infrastructure, edge devices, data, and networks at a mile-high level. They can prevent data breaches and can monitor and react to attacks. There is a lack of proper training and education and due to this, there is a gap needed to be filled. The standards to tackle the cybercriminals of this era may not be able to be matched by traditional information technology professionals. So a great difficulty is faced by the organizations to find experts.

There is a rapid increase in the possibilities of spamming phishing and malware and this is one of the reasons for the need for cybersecurity professionals; great intellectual minds are needed in the market for the protection of data from getting into the wrong hands. There are many cybersecurity certifications that can help professionals become experts in this field. One of the popular ones is the CISA certification. Let us know what this certification is all about and what kind of individuals are eligible to take it. 

What is the CISA Certification?

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. It is the certificate issued by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA). It is a Global standard designation for professionals having a career in information systems, particularly in security, auditing, and control. This credential is designed for IS and IT auditors whose task is to evaluate an organization’s information systems for identification of any issues or any security potential threats.

CISA certification is beneficial because it is accepted by employers worldwide and is often requested for security information management and IT audit positions. Greater visibility is provided to the certification holder throughout the job application process since IT auditors with CISA certification are preferred by some recruiters. 

The CISA Exam.

Four hours will be given for the completion of multiple-choice exams of 150 questions. The CISA exam’s grading system is on a scale of 200 to 800 points. The passing score will be 450 or higher. 

CISA Exam content

The aim of the CISA exam is to test candidates on the same tasks they will be performing in the Professional IT positions. Those tasks have been divided into 5 different domains. These are:

  1. Information system auditing process (21%)
  2. Management and governance of IT ( 17%)
  3. Development, acquisition, and implementation of information systems (12%)
  4. Information system operations and business resilience(23%)
  5. Protecting Information assets (27%)

 Requirements to be eligible for this certification.

For the candidates who wish to apply for the CISA certification strict professional and academic criteria are required by the information systems audit and control association (ISACA). 

To apply for the CISA exam, work experience in professional information systems auditing, control, or security for at least five years is required. To receive a waiver for up to 3 years of experience you should have the following:

  • Experience of maximum 1 year of IS or experience of 1 non-year of non-IS auditing experience.
  • For the substitution of one or two years of experience, the equivalent of a two or four-year degree is required.
  • For the substitution of one year experience, a master’s or bachelor’s degree is required from the university that teaches the ISACA sponsored curriculum.
  • Equivalence of one year experience should be a master’s degree in IS or IT from an accredited university.

Candidates should have worked for a minimum of 4000 hours of actual work experience in full-time positions in information systems, security experience, and controls. A maximum of 1-year of auditing, security, and control experience can be substituted by the candidates with full-time experience of one year in information systems or auditing. For University instructors, one year of security, auditing, and control experience is required and can also be substituted with full educator experience of 2 years.    

Should you Take a CISA Training Course? 

Taking a CISA course will validate your experience and knowledge in this field and help you learn from industry experts. Through such a course, tactical skills are demonstrated in order to pass the examination. You can get a competitive advantage over peers and have an in-depth understanding of all the important topics covered. There are doubt sessions as well where you can interact with the mentors and get your queries resolved. So why not take a CISA course and achieve this industry-recognized credential!

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Who is Eligible for CISA Certification?

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