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Why I love these custom birthday banners for kids New 2020

Superhero Theme Party Garland

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When I told Heather I was going to post about Minted’s adorable party decor

for kids, and we discussed if birthday banners are called garlands or buntings or simply “birthday signs”, this led to a phone call during which we were both browsing Pinterest looking at mushroom garlands and going down a rabbit hole of ridiculousness. MUSHROOM GARLANDS? There are so many varieties, I can’t even explain them to you, but trust me: I did not just put two random words together — others have gone there before me.

Heather’s husband has joked that having dinner with preschoolers is like talking to a couple of stoners.

“I have seven green dinosaurs and Coco has four red ones.”

“Oh, who is Coco?”

“She’s always sitting in a rocket ship at the library. She have a lot of stripes.”

“Okay then.”

And I have to say that sometimes conversations Heather and I have about blogging are the same.

“Do you call it a birthday banner or a garland?”

“Garlands green things that my mom puts on the mantle at Christmas.”

“I don’t know. If you look at Pinterest you’ll see that garlands are not only evergreen, but also paper. They can even be made of mushrooms.”

Like real mushrooms or paper cut-out mushrooms?”

“Paper, felt, real, yarn, hemp, you name it.”

“Stop it.”

So there you have it. After I explained that the personalized birthday banners sold by Minted are not only reusable, but also re-arrangable, I could hear her wheels spinning. Heather is a big fan of reusable.


In other words, if you order a banner with the letters you need for HOLDEN and MILO, you can use it on each of their birthdays by simply stringing up the birthday boy’s name. As a bonus, on Daddy’s 40th birthday, you are all set to display the encouraging message “OLD”, courtesy of Holden’s letters. Ordered in time for Sawyer’s first birthday, she could have hung an adorable proclamation, “ONE” in the doorway.



The banners come in a bazillion different designs and run $28 for up to 16 letters. If you can use it a few times per year, for several years in a row, that seems like a worthwhile investment to me. Additional letters cost $1.50, but even SCARLETT and JULIAN can be combined for less letters than that. The text on explains:

Bunting Banners come with 30 yards of twine for do-it-yourself stringing. Each piece in the Flag Bunting Banner is 6″x8″. You can configure any message within the banner by adding additional pieces. No matchy-matchy here: different patterns and colors are represented in each banner for a stylish, indie-chic look.

Named your kids HAYDEN and KAYDEN? Good thinking. As long as they’re not twins sharing a birthday, you can use your extra flags for spaces and embellishments. Plus on non-holidays, you can simply post “HEY” as a welcome message to your mail carrier.



Superhero Theme Party Garland

We are affiliates of Minted and you’ll find the sock monkey, cupcake, superhero, red balloon, and multi-colored balloon themed party decor for sale there.

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