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Why naming my baby was so hard New 2020

Naming baby boy

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Naming baby boy

What should we name this baby?

I had a hard time naming baby Sawyer. Although I do like to retain an air of mystery by not sharing a baby’s name until he is born, this time, I was not playing coy: I didn’t know either.

Rookie Dad Alec and I started off with no ideas at all. When I asked if people thought it was ok to “steal” a baby name from a friend, you all weighed in. We ended up with lot of opinions on my original question, but also a new list of 86 more boy names. Yes EIGHTY SIX MORE BOY NAMES!

I created a google doc of “names we don’t hate” and by the time I was eight months pregnant, we had narrowed it down to eleven names with two front-runners. Unfortunately we hadn’t decided when baby brother joined our family a few weeks early.

In the hospital, we alternated calling him each of the two favored names. Our families were restless and inquisitive. We flipped a coin.*

* We didn’t really flip a coin. We chose Sawyer because it is literary (Mark Twain), ends with R, has a rugged meaning, was a television character (yes, LOST!), and has a slight association with Australia. And also because I had just seen a nameberry article predicting that my existing sons’ names were about to explode with popularity so I stopped trying so hard to be clever.

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