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Why Should You Stop Smoking Right Now?

Why Should You Stop Smoking Right Now?

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Why Should You Stop Smoking Right Now? ”

Calculate your cigarette expenses per month and per year. What percentage of your income does it take to maintain this habit? Is it worth the expense? What do you deny yourself of it?

Not smoking is one of the main manifestations of your concern for the health of your loved ones. A great danger – especially for children and pregnant women – is forced “passive” smoking. It promotes allergic conjunctivitis, immune disorders, early development of senile hyperopia. The mucous membrane of children’s eyes is particularly sensitive to air pollution from tobacco smoke products.

This is a really serious damage to your personal health! It is related to the chemical composition of inhaled tobacco smoke and its high temperature. At the moment of inhaling tobacco and cigarette paper catch fire, forming about 1200 harmful substances: nicotine, carbon monoxide, soot, benzopyrene, formic and hydrocyanic acids, arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acetylene, radioactive polonium-219 and lead-210, etc. This bouquet goes straight to the body and promotes cancer!

Smoking spoils your appearance, “yellowing” teeth; it has a negative effect on the oral cavity, gastrointestinal mucosa, endocrine gland function. It leads to vascular spasm, worsens memory and attention, leads to a decrease in mental performance.

Smoking leads to early death. For humans, a lethal dose of nicotine is contained in 20-25 cigarettes. The smoker does not die, because this dose is given gradually, usually within a day, not in a single dose. Also partly nicotine is neutralized by tar formaldehyde. According to the World Health Organization, tobacco smoking is the main cause of premature death that can be avoided, that is why governments try to prevent people from smoking. The mortality rate among smokers is 30-80 percent higher than among non-smokers and increases with the number of cigarettes smoked.

“Small steps” method

  • Buy cigarettes no more than one pack.
  • Keep the cigarettes in such places that every time you want to smoke you have to get up and go to, say, another room.
  • If you have run out of cigarettes, do not ask anyone for them.
  • Smoke every cigarette no more than half.
  • Tighten up no more than once: just hold the smoke in your mouth once, tighten it once.
  • Immediately after meals, go out from the table and get to work: it is not necessary to smoke after meals.
  • Think before you take a cigarette, take a look at the clock: let it take two minutes, only then let yourself smoke.
  • Do not smoke more than one cigarette per hour.
  • When smoking, do not do anything pleasant: reading, watching TV programs.

The method of “quick refusal”

Quit smoking right now! Tell yourself: “I am a non-smoker, cigarettes are no longer of interest to me, they are for other, less intelligent people.

Make a decision not to smoke today and tomorrow – only 48 hours. If you do break down and smoke, add another 24 hours and do not smoke for 3 days. Fail again? Add another day… Did you manage not to smoke for a week? So, the hardest part is over!

Destroy all your cigarette supplies.  Create “sanitary zones” – places where you will never and under no circumstances smoke. The best choice is your home and car. The healthy atmosphere of these areas will help you resist the desire to smoke. Avoid the companies of smokers.

Start a “Smoker’s Diary”. Write down how many cigarettes you have smoked per day, at what time, how many puffs you have, and your emotional state. Record the different manifestations of “withdrawal symptoms”. Possible reactions: strong desire to smoke, excitability, anxiety, concentration disorder, mood swell, irritability and anger for insignificant reasons, sleepiness, headache, insomnia, tremor, sweating, “wolf” appetite and as a result – weight gain.

Know that all these symptoms are temporary, you are on the right track, the main thing is to last the first two weeks!

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Why Should You Stop Smoking Right Now?

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