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Why You Should Use Bluestone Pavers For Outdoor Flooring ”

Introduction To Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is a naturally occurring stone known as basalt stone used in construction. The rock forms after lava cool and is used in modern constructions. Bluestones are of two varieties: Shenandoah Bluestone a limestone, and Pennsylvania Bluestone; sandstone of sedimentary rock consisting of sand-size grains. Bluestone occurs in three main categories by stone industry;

Natural Cleft Bluestone – Multiple irregularities give this rock a natural look with coarse surfaces of non-slip properties. They are available in different shapes, sizes, patterns, styles, and colors. It is cost-effective in terms of cutting, finishing, and installing; therefore, less expensive.

Thermal Bluestone – The stone has a smooth and unnatural surface when cut after quarrying. The wet stones are re-textured by heat treatment with hot flames. Thermal bluestones are more costly than the others due to thermal heating in the industry.

Irregular Bluestone – The stone occurs in extremely irregular size, shapes, and thickness and ideal for outdoor applications.  However, it requires high installation costs despite its cheaper original price.

Bluestone pavers are ideal for interior and exterior décor applications that blend with a vast selection of themes. You can find high-quality bluestone pavers at affordable prices from reputable companies such as the Bluestone pavers Sydney.

Benefits Of Bluestone Pavers For Outdoor Applications

Bluestone pavers are versatile natural stones for exterior applications – Bluestone is suitable for a vast range of applications in driveways, pathways, and swimming pool decks. Bluestone slabs are applied as stepping stones in water feature paths and garden paths because of their durability, non-slip, and water-resistant properties. They beautify the landscape and give it an ideal outlook.

They are easy to maintain – Bluestone is a natural stone with sturdy material that makes it resistant to cracks and breaks. The rocks are easy to wash because they are smooth, water-resistant, and do not stain easily. It is easy to remove stains from bluestone pavers with detergent washing solutions, plain water, and vinegar-like chemicals. Its colors last longer enhancing its looks; therefore, it is cost-effective. Replacement of damaged tiles, stones, and slabs is easy without tampering on the entire surface.

Bluestones are affordable at a lower price – Bluestone is relatively cheaper than the other standard natural stones used in exterior applications.  The thickness, quality, and quantity of its material and order determine the Bluestone price.

Bluestone Pavers are durable – Bluestone properties to withstand freeze-thaw cycles during extreme weather make it more popular for outdoor applications. Bluestone pavers that are installed correctly in the desired thickness can bear tons of loads.

Bluestone Pavers provides room for exterior décor – You can use the amalgamation of bluestones such as veneer, slabs, and tiles to create a theme that matches your exterior decoration. You can create a stunning backyard with coated and laminated flooring.

Bluestone Pavers adds to your outdoor aesthetics – Its texture and distinct look make it differ from standard stones. Its various shades perfectly match with the sky, water, and daylight and are modified to fit different sizes, shapes, layouts, and patterns to fit your exterior design.

Shortcomings Of Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone pavers that are not sealed correctly change in color over time due to water absorption. Sealing bluestone pavers helps protect the porous stone from degradation caused by chemicals, salt, and debris.

Natural stones are more costly than brick or slab pavers which are affordable at a relatively lower price. Bluestone is expensive due to quarrying and the availability of the product that is rare in most markets. It is challenging to find a company that supplies bluestone pavers hence the stone is more costly.

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Why You Should Use Bluestone Pavers For Outdoor Flooring

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