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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Visiting The Dentist In Annapolis, MD

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Visiting The Dentist In Annapolis, MD

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Visiting The Dentist In Annapolis, MD ”

Although many people are afraid of visiting the dentist, it actually means different things for different people. Whilst for some it is the pain and discomfort that the treatment is likely to cause, for others the smells and sounds experienced from being sat in the dentist’s chair bring unpleasant childhood memories.

In some of the more severe cases, it can mean that the person avoids going to visit a dentist altogether for a number of years. This condition is known as dental anxiety or phobia. The main causes of this condition include:

  • Being embarrassed – Feeling self conscious about their breath or the way in which their teeth look is a big reason as to why many people avoid going to the dentist. This is because during an appointment it is likely that the dentists face gets within close proximity of their mouth. This can be an uncomfortable experience for many people and rightly make them feel quite anxious.
  • Experiencing pain – In those adults over the age of 24, it is likely that their experiences with dentists during the earlier part of their life was uncomfortable and even painful because of the rudimentary tools and technology that was used during treatments. However, fast forward some years and thanks to the advancement in pain free dentistry, experiencing pain at the dentist is almost no longer an issue. Dental clinics, such as Aria Dental of Annapolis, utilize the latest technology to ensure that your visit is as pain free as possible. To book with this dental office follow the link.
  • Having no control – Those situations in life that cannot be controlled can leave some people feeling anxious. This is true of going to the dentist, as when a patient is sitting in the dentist’s chair, they are unable to see what is happening or predict what and when it is going to cause them pain. Feeling not in control and helpless can easily trigger a bout of anxiety.

The level at which people suffer from these above conditions obviously vary from case to case. At one end you have those who are so scared that they have never visited a dentist for several years and may never again, and at the other end there are those people who feel uncomfortable about visiting their dentist but for themselves to go nonetheless. It has happened before where some patients have physically vomited whilst sat in the waiting room. 

Dental phobia symptoms

Some of the signs that you may be suffering from dental phobia include not being able to sleep the night before going to visit the dentist, feeling like you cannot breathe when dentist tools placed into your mouth, the thought of a dental examination makes your feel ill or nauseous, having a feeling nervousness when in the waiting room, and being emotionally about the very thought of having to go to the dentist for an exam. If you have any or all of these symptoms, then you are likely to have a form of dental phobia.

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Visiting The Dentist In Annapolis, MD

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