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Year-end diaper donation request New 2020

Year-end diaper donation request

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This the last post in our series sponsored by the Huggies Every Little Bottom program, and I hope that over the course of 2011, you have been inspired to think of moms in need from time to time, especially when you open a fresh package of diapers. For many families, providing the bare necessities, including diapers, is a financial challenge.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you’d like to help, here are three ways you can do it:

1) Hold your own diaper drive. Ask friends and neighbors to contribute and find a food bank or social service center that serves women and children that will accept your donations.

2) Be a Diaper Fairy. (Not a Diaper Genie). Select an item from Help A Mother Out’s Amazon wishlist and have diapers delivered.

3) Give money. Take your pick of organizations dedicated to getting diapers to those who cannot afford them: LA Diaper Drive, Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, Help a Mother Out (California), The Diaper Bank (New England).

Thanks in advance for any help you give to this cause. I was happy to be a part of the 2011 ambassadors to the Every Little Bottom program and will continue to work locally to solve this problem.

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