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Your Guide to Tummy Time New 2020

Your Guide to Tummy Time

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Your Guide to Tummy Time

In the beginning, newborn tummy time should consist of two to three 3-minute sessions daily. As he gets older and stronger, gradually increase the length of time, working up to a total of 20 minutes a day.

By about 4 months, your baby should be able to lift his chest off the floor and lean on his elbows with his head upright. He may even be able to lift his arms off the floor, arch his back, and kick his feet. As your baby stretches and pushes on the floor, he may accidentally lean to one side, fall over, and roll from his belly onto his back. Don’t worry; that’s normal. At 5 or 6 months, he will begin to pivot on his belly and use his arms to reach in front of him or to the sides.

When your baby learns to make his body do new things, he feels a sense of accomplishment. This gives him the confidence to try new skills as he grows and his coordination improves.

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Your Guide to Tummy Time

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